2021 Everett Half and 10K Update

2021 Everett Half and 10K Participant Update

We are very excited for the 2021 Everett Half and 10K. We are moving full steam ahead with a live run with a few changes. 

1.) We are moving to a two day format. The 10K will be on Saturday, March 27th, and the Half Marathon will be on Sunday, March 28th. Each day will be limited to 600 total participants.

2.) Routes – The slightly changed routes are gorgeous! You will not regret taking part in either or both.

Click Here To View the Everett Half 10K Route

Click Here To View the Everett Half Marathon Route


3.) Swag and medals – We have over 550 pullover hooded sweatshirts from last season. They do not have a year on them. The first 550 participants can get a hooded sweatshirt with their registration or they can save $10. by selecting “no sweatshirt.” For those who do no get a hooded sweatshirt, they will receive a super soft long-sleeve, tri-blend shirt. We will be utilizing the 2020 Finisher Medals. If it looks like we will have more than 550 participants, then we will have finisher magnets created prior to the run for those who do not get a finisher medal. We apologize that we will not be offering all new swag and finisher medals. However, due to the pandemic and all the cancellations, we simply cannot afford it. We also like to pride ourselves on being an environmental friendly minded company and throwing away 550 finisher medals is not what is best for our environment.

4.) Seagull Sequel – Now that we have moved to the two day format, participants will be able to complete the Seagull Sequel. All participants who complete the Seagull Sequel will get an extra tri-blend shirt and finisher magnet. We will reveal these in the days to come. (They are fun; we promise!)

4.) Start times – We will be starting 10 participants every three minutes. Participants will need to select their own start time prior to picking up their race packet. If you have already registered, but not selected a start time, you can do so by logging into your Enmotive account and selecting a start corral (see #9 for instructions.) Due to time constraints of which we are allowed to keep roads closed, corrals will have a “minimum pace requirement.” We ask that slower runners or walkers please start in the earliest corrals available with the faster runners starting in the later corrals. We will have an “elite” corral for both males and females for the half marathon.

5.) Packet Pickup – Participants will be able to pick up their race packets at Snohomish Running Company starting on March 17th. We will not be offering day of race packet pickup. However, you can pay $10 to have your packet shipped to you before race day. To have your packet shipped to you, you will need to pay for the shipping prior to the end of the day Friday, March 19th. Race packet shipping can be done by logging into your Enmotive account and adding it to the products.

6.) Face Masks – Face masks will be mandatory before and immediately after finishing the race. Participants must wear their masks until they are at least 6 feet away from the other runners after they start. 

7.) COVID-19 Mitigation Protocols – We will be following all required COVID-19 Guidance provided by the Governor’s Office and Snohomish County Health Department to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and to support contact tracing.

8.) Aid Stations – If the race was this weekend, then we would not be able to have any aid stations for either the 10K or the Half Marathon on course. However, we are diligently working to find safe ways to provide on course nutrition and hydration. We will have more details as we get closer to the run. Either way, please try to be self sufficient on course. 

9.) Updating or Upgrading your registration – If you are already registered and need to either add a corral, pay for shipping, or upgrade your registration, you can do so by following these steps:

a.) Click on this link – 13.1, , 13.1 Military – Run | Everett Half Marathon and 10K (enmotive.com)

b.) Click on the blue “Login” button in the upper right hand corner.

c.) Scroll down to Everett Half Current and Upcoming Events.

d.) Click on the blue “Actions” box and take the appropriate action.